Big Bowls Squash Soup

Okay..not their recipe but as close as I could come..pretty darn good!  This soup knocked my socks off and I hope it does yours too!  You can half the recipe if you like but it gets eaten around our house and there are only three of us.  I have been learning alot about the flavors of thai food and also how to handle peppers.  I do not like spicy foods but have come to appreciate that thai foods really come together with a little heat.

What not to do?  Handle the peppers with bare hands!  The oil from the peppers will burn any mucus membranes you touch, like eyes and noses!  I use gloves, always remove all the seeds and then use my food processor to really mince the pepper finely.  Also a quick note on blending HOT soups!  I will usually put two soup ladles full in my standard size blender, hold the top on with as much pressure as I can and PULSE slowly. I then dump this into a pot and repeat until the soup is where I want it.  Some tips on the internet tell you to take the top off and then you can blend it safely but I think this soup is too chunky for that.  It is the steam by the way that blows the top off!  This soup should end up being thick and slightly chunky.






Peel and chop all of your ingredients first, this is a time saver!

Roast the squash and potatoes in the oven tossed in olive oil and salt and pepper at 425 until golden and tender. Turn several times during roasting. Add to soup fresh from the oven when done

1 Kabouchi or butternut Squash-peeled and cubed

2 Sweet potato-peeled and cubes

Peel and chop into bite size to make soup:

1 Red onion

1 bunch Celery

3 large Carrots

3 apples-your choice to peel or not to peel-reserve ½ cup for garnish

Saute until tender in olive oil, plain or garlic infused.  When tender, add the following

2-3 quarts Chicken broth-enough to cover plus some your ingredients

1 knob Ginger-peeled and grated (I food process mine!)

1 stalk Lemongrass-remove before blending

2 Kaffir lime leaves if you can find them, remove before blending.  If not, the soup is delish without.

½ to 1 Fresno pepper-seeds removed and diced.  Can sub jalepeno or a habenero. I have found 1/2 – 3/4 pepper is the right heat for me.

(note on peppers-1 pepper is too hot for me but no peppers doesn’t pull this soup together)

Package of 6 Chicken thighs or chicken tenders or 3 chicken breasts.  You can either cook these from raw in the soup to really infuse the flavor, leave out to be vegetarian or precook and dice.

Salt  and pepper to taste

Let simmer until chicken is done about an hour, remove and shred.  BEFORE you put chicken back in removed about ½ of the mixture and carefully puree until smooth, add back into soup along with chicken

Then add

2 cans Coconut milk

A Splash of Fish sauce

A splash of Lemon or lime juice

1/4 cup Fresh or frozen Cilantro


Corn-fresh or thawed from frozen

Chopped Red peppers

Fresh Cilantro

Diced Apple

Bacon bits

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